Now is the best time to book your 2013 guided fishing trip. Last season was the most successful season in 4 years for the number of returning salmon for both the Rakaia and the Waimakariri Rivers. The 2012 season was particularly productive in the Rakaia River. It saw its third best natural spawning returns in the past 13 years. My fishing companions and I experienced our best season totals and experienced exceptional days fishing, particulary in the lower parts of the Rakaia River. Fishless days were few and far between and catch and release became a common trend.

Although the fish were not large last season, averaging between 12 and 15lb, they were in good condition and full of fight on light tackle.

All the reports from fisherman at sea indicated there was an abundance of krill and food at sea last season so I am picking the salmon to be in good condition this season.



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  2. I am pleased you found the article informative. I am looking forward to posting weekly updates of how the salmon season is progressing, tales from the river and tackle tips. Feel free to partipate in an open forum. Good luck for the upcoming season. Not long to wait now!

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