The 2013 salmon fishing season has started with a hiss and a roar. The early November run has been the best ever. The fish are not only plentiful but also big.

All of the Canterbury braided rivers are currently experiencing great runs of salmon. The fish are in prime condition with an adundance of fish being caught over 20 pounds. Already a 27lb fish has been caught from the Rangitata River and many fisherman are being frustrated at being busted off with fish estimated to be over 30lb. The Rakaia is also experiencing consistent fish over 2olb being caught on a daily basis by anglers.

Traditionally December through to March is the best times to target these returning fish. The season is only going to get better from an already productive start. Now is the time to dust off the gear and try and hook into one of these trophy 20lb salmon. Fish of this size and in these numbers have not been seen since the bumper 1994-95 season.