‘Salmon Craft’ – Salmon Fishing Lessons & Tuition for Canterbury Anglers

It’s a fact: “90% of salmon are caught by 10% of anglers.”

One of the first things you’ll learn in my salmon fishing lessons is that luck has very little or no part in consistently catching salmon each season. Know your tackle and how best to fish it, read the braided rivers of Canterbury and be aware of the habits of the migrating salmon, and you’ll consistently catch the most fish. As an expert salmon fishing guide I offer local Canterbury anglers the chance to refine their fishing technique and benefit from my fishing tips and 25 years’ experience. Maximise your time on the water and catch more fish.

Although the 4-hour salmon fishing lesson is spent on the river (fishing prime salmon in holding water) the focus is on tuition. This is not a guided salmon or trout fishing tour and therefore, to keep costs to a minimum, you will need to supply your own food and a fishing license.

During our salmon fishing lesson you will learn key fundamental competencies needed to consistently catch salmon, as listed to the right.

Choosing the Right Water

Being able to read the braided rivers of Canterbury and locate prime resting holes for salmon. Find out about the best times to target salmon.

Fishing Technique

How to best to fish different areas of water, ensuring your lure is always on the bottom of the riverbed where the resting salmon are located.

Salmon Fishing Tackle

Salmon fishing is extremely tough on tackle. My fishing tips show you which equipment is best suited for mouth, gut and up-river salmon fishing and which tackle will give you the advantage in different river conditions.

Hooking, Fighting and Landing Salmon

Learn how to detect a salmon bite, how to strike and play a fish in the river and, most importantly, how to land your own salmon.

For more information on Salmon Craft fishing lessons, please contact me with your plans. Prices and further details available on request. I endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours.