Our experience with Ben was second to none. Our group contained three fishermen of varying experience, yet Ben was still able to find locations and fish to suit each members needs. As overseas visitors, Ben was able to broaden our knowledge of the whole region and show us some spectacular locations during our experience. Ben was willing to offer advice and share his many years of fishing knowledge with our team. This made the trip an even more rewarding experience for all members involved.

Ben has an incredible knowledge of the streams and rivers within the South Island. He has the ability to guide throughout the Canterbury region as well as the remote rivers of the West Coast. This allowed him to plan the best trip that we could have had, given the challenging weather conditions during our trip.

Ben is the perfect guide for those who are serious about finding the good fishing spots in the north of the South Island and care less about expending the effort to get there. We could not have been more pleased with his work during our trip.